Ease-A-Cold Kids Cough, Cold & Flu Relief 120ml

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Ease a Cold Kids Cold & Flu Relief helps support your child's healthy immune function. A healthy immune system is important in helping reduce the chances of catching a cold or flu.

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NEW PACKAGING! Ease a Cold Kids Cough, Cold & Flu Relief is formulated to help shorten the duration of the common cold and relieve cough in children so they can get better quicker.

This great tasting berry liquid contains Echinacea, Ivy Leaf, Zinc and Blackberry. It helps support your child's healthy immune function, reducing the number of colds children catch in a year (and we all know that kids seem to get colds all year round!)

Provide relief 9 cold & flu symptoms:

• Cough
• Sore Throat
• Excess Mucous
• Inflammation
• Blocked & Runny Nose
• Nasal Congestion
• Mild Bronchial Irritation
• Bronchial Mucous Congestion
• Support immune system health

Made in Australia


Cold & Flu Symptoms:
Children 2-4 years: 5ml (1 tsp) 3 times per day
Children 5-8 years: 12.5ml (2.5 tsp) 2 times per day
Children 9-10 years: 15ml (3 tsp) 2 times per day
Children 11-12 years: 17.5ml (3.5 tsp) 2 times per day

Immune Support:
To help support healthy immune system function.
Children 2-8 years: 5ml (1 tsp) once a day.
Children 9-12 years: 10ml (2 tsp) once a day.



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