Pilose Revitalizing Follicle Spray 150ml

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Pilose Revitalizing Follicle Spray is a high concentration of active ingredients and designed to provide extra nourishment for the hair and scalp. BUY 2 FOR $59.90 EACH

Pilose is a home care brand with the scientific prescription for scalp hair healthy consisting of the latest strengthening ingredient that is proven the effect based on the pharmacological theory. This product manages the complicated cause of hair loss by section based on world famous dermatology journal(SCI level) and clinical test.
This product is most commonly used by Korea’s renowned university hospitals and dermatologists. In general, university hospitals or dermatologists do not use the product that its effect is not surely proven or a new theoretical base does not exist. The theory of Pilose has been introduced in “"Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment Guide," written by 55 dermatologists selected as a best seller in 2010 and this product has been introduced as the most recommended item.

Pilose Revitalizing Follicle Spray is pharmacologically formulated hair cosmetic solution to help the treatment of thinning hair for men and women. It is formulated by powerful and effective ingredients that make your hair healthy, strong and lively.

Pilose Revitalizing Follicle Spray improves the circulation of scalp, and removes damaging free radicals with strong anti-oxidants and concentrated active ingredients. These ingredients combine to nourish your hair and scalp, make your hair lively and reduce damage.

Made in Korea


Use more than 2 times every morning and evening, and apply on the problematic scalp evenly and massage with your fingertips.



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Promotion 2 FOR $59.90 EACH
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