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Eliminate harmful germs and bacteria with Twinkle's 3-in-1 Hand & Body Sanitizer that contains 8 best antibacterial natural essential oils. It also boosts your baby's immune system by providing effective protection against pollutants and UV Rays.

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Twinkle 3-in-1 Hand & Body Sanitizer is the first sanitiser in Singapore that is created for the body to serve as an effective shield for the skin against damaging UV rays and pollutants in the air to help strengthen overall immune system.

Its alcohol-free formula contains a rich blend of natural and organic ingredients that keeps the skin moisturized and also act as an effective insect-repellent when needed, therefore, it is safe and suitable to be used all over the body, on hands and on wounds. Packed with 8 best antibacterial and natural essential oils!


• It protects the skin by eliminating harmful germs and bacteria in an instant while you are on the go.
• It shields the skin against damaging UV rays and pollutants in the air. It also acts as an effective insect-repellent.
• Unlike most sanitizers, the 3-in-1 Hand + Body Sanitizer moisturizes the skin and does not cause over-drying effect with its alcohol-free and triclosan-free formula, hence, it is safe to be used whenever necessary and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins.
• It also helps in boosting immune system with its abundance of vitamin C in it!
• Recommended for babies 0+ months.


• Spray all over body before leaving house as a shield against UV rays and as an insect-repellent to keep mosquitoes and bugs away
• Spray on hands for disinfecting effect to eliminate germs and bacteria whenever necessary
• Spray on wounds for antiseptic properties and to boost wound healing



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